Recoats: Are your wood floors in need of some refreshing? We offer a quick and dustless process that clean and prepare your hardwood floor for a fresh coat of finish.

Sand and Finishing: Perhaps, your hardwood floors have a lot of wear with some noticeable traffic patterns and deep scratches. We professional sand your floors to the original wood. The traffic patterns are gone. You may then choose to leave the floor natural or put down a beautiful stain to bring out the character in the wood. We then apply several coats of our quality finishes to protect your investment for many years to come.

Installation: We install both unfinished and prefinished flooring.

DIYer: Are you a DIYer that just needs a little help? Many of the wood finishes in older homes are very difficult to sand off. They can be very gummy, taking you many more hours and a lot more sand paper. We would be glad to help. We can take our professional sanders and sand off that old gummy finish for an affordable cost. Then you can use some rental equipment to continue with the fine sanding and finishing.