Hot Water Extraction: Are you looking for a deep clean for your carpets? Are your worried about the possibility of mites, mold, and bacteria? Do you begin to see some traffic patterns? O

ur hot water extraction process is a proven deep cleaning system that will make your carpets look great.

To thoroughly clean your carpets, vacuuming is an essential component. Nearly 79% of debris in carpets is insoluble, meaning that it will not change into a liquid for extraction. However, it can be vacuumed out with our high quality vacuums. Then a high quality pre-spray is applied to your carpet. We spray heavier in moderate and heavy soiled areas. Then we follow with a powerful rinsing with our hot water extraction. With the proper equipment no excess water or solution residue is left behind. We then rake and apply proper ventilation for a quick drying of your carpets.

Encapsulation: We also offer an encapsulation process that helps to maintain your carpets in great shape. We thoroughly vacuum your carpets and then apply our encapsulation solution. The solution is then careful groomed into the carpet with an agitation machine. The dirt particles are encapsulated, and ready to be extracted by vacuuming. There is essentially no down time.