Are your wood, laminate, or tile floors in need of some refreshing? Our professional equipment and products will make your floors look like new again. It is a quick and dustless process that provides you with the greatest possible convenience in having your floors come back to life.

Perhaps, your wood floors have a lot of wear with noticeable traffic patterns and deep scratches. We can professional sand your floor to the original wood. The traffic patterns are gone. The floor looks like it just got installed. Then you pick the stain to bring out that beautiful wood grain. We then apply several coats of quality finishes to protect your investment, giving many years of wear with a great look.

Do you have some carpets that are looking dirty and spotty? Our professional cleaning process will provide a deep clean and beautify your carpets.

Are you a DIYer that just needs a little help? The wood finishes on older homes are very gummy, taking many more hours and pieces of sand paper just to get rid of the old finish. We can help by using our professional sanders to sand off the old gummy finish for an affordable cost. Then you can use some rental equipment to continue with the fine sanding and finishing.

Do you already have a bid for your flooring project? Give us a call and we will be glad to provide you with a free estimate.