Complete Sanding: We specialize in sanding and finishing gymnasium floors. Our professional sanders will grind off that old finish, taking your floor down to the original wood. We then apply two coats of sealer, paint all game lines, lettering, and logos, and apply two coats of gym finish. Your gym floor will look like a million bucks!

Paint and Coat: Perhaps you do not have the budget to have a complete sanding of your gym floor. Those dingy lines can look bright and vibrant again with a fresh coat of paint. Then we apply two coats of gym finish to protect your new paint.

Yearly Recoats: We also specialize in the yearly maintenance of your gym floor. We will come in and prep your floor by professionally buffing your floor and removing those new scuff marks. We will clean up pop spills, scrap off the gum, and scrap and clean corners and door ways. With our high-solids, oil-based gym finish, one coat will give a great look and wear, and it will also save you lots of money. We also apply water-based gym finishes. These finishes will keep your floor looking lighter over the years.

Repair and Installation: Do you have some water damage to your gym floor? Are you looking to install a new floor? Give us a call. We would be glad to provide you a free estimate.